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Minhy Dead Of The Night Los Angeles Film Awards Winner
Minhy Dead Of The Night Top Shorts Film Festival Winner
Minhy Dead Of The Night New York Film Awards Winner
Minhy Dead Of The Night - Munich Music Video Awards - Best Animation Music Video
Minhy Dead Of The Night - International Music Video Awards - Best Animation Music Video
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Minhy [mini] is a multi-award winning songwriter and designer, unravelling the intricate chapters of her own story on both a personal and universal level.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Minhy is driven by her family’s refugee journey after the Vietnam War. Their sacrifice and hard work to build a better future has inspired Minhy to make the most of the blessings she's been given.

With an upbringing valuing academics, responsibility and security, Minhy harboured a quiet dream to be creative and expressive - a dream that challenged these traditions. Recognising her personal values, Minhy took small steps to break free of the mould, starting with a career in automotive design, later branching further afield to explore production and sound design, whilst establishing herself as a freelance graphic designer. It wasn’t until she was introduced to songwriting at 31 that she finally found her voice. 

Minhy muses through her songwriting, creating original metaphors and catchy melodies to express multilayered emotions and concepts. With influences including Alicia Keys, Grimes, Kimbra and BANKS, Minhy’s style is an explorative fusion of pop, electronic and R&B.

Minhy’s debut single 'Dead Of The Night' and self directed music video won Best Music Video at the LA Film Awards, New York Film Awards, Top Shorts Festival, and Best Animated Music Video at the Munich Music Video Awards and the International Music Video Awards.


After releasing ‘Entangled’ APRA AMCOS invited Minhy to play her first gig at the Regional Sessions 2022 in Gippsland.


Her releases have received enthusiastic radio play from 3RRR, FBi Radio, Syn FM, and InnerFM.

Minhy shines a light on the good, finds meaning in the dark and tells stories with a deeper perspective.

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"Her sound is at the cutting edge of modern pop music

that balances instantly catchy melodic writing with thoughtful and poetic lyricism."

Plastic Magazine

“Minhy sings with a euphonic tone that kisses the edges of the song in an ethereal way.”


“Her ability to craft a story using both the spatial as well as temporal spheres shows a great sense of art.”

Sinusoidal Music


“A clever mix of pop and trip-hop tinted by cinematic soundscapes, with vocals coming from another planet.” The Further

"Establishing herself as a strong artist with a unique perspective,

Minhy is someone we are going to keep our eye on."

Tongue Tied Magazine


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