Hello, I'm Minh!

Creative storytelling is my passion - From Graphic Design to Colour Materials Finish Design and artistically beyond I’m always looking for ways to create innovative solutions. My process involves designing from the inside out, beginning at the heart of your brand/story/values and translating it into meaningful visuals. 

With an honours degree in Industrial Design, I have 7 years experience as a freelance Graphic Designer and 6 years as a CMF Designer.

Anything that requires Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign, I'm your designer!

I'm here to help cultivate your unique brilliance.


My services include:

  • Logo design

  • Digital design

  • Photo editing and touch ups

  • Layout design: magazines, catalogues, ebooks

  • Marketing material

  • Social media content

  • Cover artwork for musicians

     For print and digital

Image by Adrian Infernus


On a deeper level, I can assist with your branding needs. Whether your business needs a rebrand or are starting fresh, I will facilitate discovery sessions by diving deep into who you are at your core. From here we will gain clarity on your goals, purpose and messaging, which can be translated into your mission statement, brand voice, and style guides.



As a CMF Designer, it is my job to ensure that each component of a product is considered, coloured and manufactured at the highest quality possible.


Working in automotive design, I've contributed to numerous vehicles at Ford Motor Company Australia, as well as Ferox Advanced Vehicles.


This role has allowed me to design with customer experience as the focus - with an emphasis on tactility and value.

   My services include:

  • Trend forecasting

  • Look and feel mood boards

  • Colour & trim design concepts

  • Colour matching and achieving colour harmony

  • Design quality

  • Project management

  • Specialisation with exterior paint

  • Working with global suppliers across many materials including paint, plating, textiles, leather, non wovens, embroidery, plastics



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Minh Huynh


Melbourne, Australia